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The guiding principle behind RECOMILL’s inception was to create an easy-to-buy and easy- to-deliver solution that will help protect our environment. In many economies, animal by-products and other by-products from the meat supply chain remain unexploited causing massive stress on nature. To solve the challenge, a modular animal by-product recycling mill was developed.

Animal by-product rendering is only a small part of the circular economy chain or the meat supply chain. Other operators in the fields of energy generation, biogas production, waste water treatment and similar are needed. Therefore, Honkajoki and WOIMA have established RECOMILL, a joint venture delivering circular economy solutions.

Honkajoki Oy has been producing and manufacturing pure raw materials from an animal origin since 1967. The company carries out research and development to reach ecologically sound production processes; top-notch recycling operations and improved methods of producing natural fertilisers, animal feeds and raw materials for the bioenergy industry.

Their development work is guided by the applicable legislation, research results in various fields and the recommendations of the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association (EFPRA).


WOIMA Finland Oy is a Finnish EPC supplier of modular waste-to-energy power plants. The plants use different waste and biomass streams to generate steam and electricity used in rendering animal by-products. They have over 20 years of experience working in energy-related projects in over 100 countries across the globe, especially in the developing world.



WOIMA power plants are the engine behind the RECOMILL Plant and Ecopark. Reliable power source that itself has a major role in the circular economy using societies’ undesirable side streams, i.e. waste as fuel. Their modularity enables flexible power generation scheme as well as fast delivery and construction. The Ecopark can be in operation within 18 months.


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